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Our client is looking to recruit a Food & Beverage Controller to be in charge of all aspects of the food and beverage operations onboard, including revenues, food costs, budgets, inventories, sanitation onboard and discipline within the department.




Job Summary:-

To organize, develop, operate and administer all the Food & Beverage outlets of the hotel
Thereby ensuring guest satisfactions in terms of product and services offered to the guest as well
as enhancement of revenue generation for the department.


As Head Of The Food & Beverage Service Department, Food & Beverage Manager is accountable to the Management of the Hotel in general and to the General Manager in particular for the following :-

• Total and smooth operation of the Food & Beverage Service Department.

• Total Guest Satisfaction in terms services provided by the Hotel as a whole and Food & Beverage Service in particular.

• Professional guest relationship management as well as liaising with guests,
• Overall business development in terms of food & beverage sales, revenue generation, guest satisfaction and promotion of products.

• Accountable for the overall quality of product served to the guest in terms of F&B operation.

• Accountable for overall growth and development of the departmental employees in terms of skill, knowledge, techniques, etc.


Food & Beverage Manager is the reporting Head of the Assistant Food & Beverage Manager, F&B Executives, Senior Captains, Captains, Trainee Captains, Stewards, Assistant Stewards, Trainee Assistant Stewards and Guest Relations Assistants Hostess. Authorized to grant all sorts of leaves, rewards/ awards, disciplinary action to all the personnel of the Food & Beverage Service Department reporting to the designated position in liaise with the HR Department.

Duties & Responsibilities:-

• Being the HOD, Food & Beverage Manager has to shoulder the entire responsibility of the Food & Beverage Department and look after the work of all human resources of the department so as to ensure prompt, courteous and accurate service to all guests thereby attaining total guest satisfaction.

• Responsible for Food & Beverage Service in all pre-determined areas of operation by planning and organizing the department as per requirement on a day to day basis in all respects such as human resources, equipment, supply, employee productivity, food quality and quality service.

• Establish and maintain professional and effective communication with all other departments of this hotel as well as very good rapport with guests, who visit the hotel.

• Responsible for the preparation of capital and operational budgets for the department as well as co-operate with co-coordinating departments such as Housekeeping, Sales & Marketing, etc to preparation of their budgets.

• Responsible for ensuring compliance with legal formalities in respect of the excise regulations, food and health regulations, etc by adherence to all statutory requirements as prescribed by the regulatory authorities.

• Responsible for taking special care and offering personalized services to regular and V.I.P. guests.

• Shall also monitor and cross check on the guest in-flow to the F&B Outlets in accordance to the reservations made for the day.

• Should ensure that all records and documents are maintained in respective files as per the standards laid down by the Management, and data regarding revenue, sales covers, APC, etc are processed, analyzed and reports generated from time to time as per the requirement of the Management.

• Should co-ordinate with the Sales & Marketing department for in-house sales promotion, promotion of festivals, etc and with Front Office regarding day to day requirements, room status. .

• Check all the registers and log books of the F&B Outlets, acknowledge the log notes and give necessary instructions to the subordinates during the departmental briefing.

• Should prepare the duty roster of the departmental employees and should authorize the duty rosters prepared by F&B Executives or Outlet In-Charges and should also authorize any change of duty for the employees. Apart from monitoring the attendance of the departmental employees as per schedule should also authorize or sanction the leaves of the subordinates.

• Check the grooming standards of all the subordinates on duty.

• Attend the meetings and briefings of the General Manager along with other HODs on every working day.
• Should conduct briefings of the subordinates on all working days and special briefings prior to all important functions such as Group arrivals, VIP arrivals/ departures, etc. Should issue necessary instructions to all subordinates to ensure delivery of quality service as per the standard procedures laid down by the Management of the Hotel.

• Should conduct briefing of the Banquet teams to ensure that all banquet functions of the day are well organized.

• Take frequent rounds in the outlets, kitchen, lobby area, lockers, cafeteria, etc to monitor all the incidents as well as work and in case of any unwanted incident being reported, should be initiate necessary action and damage control process immediately.

• Should ensure the cleanliness of the F&B Outlets as well as the back areas of the outlets and the kitchen. In case if the places are found untidy, should organize cleaning of such areas with the aid of House Keeping Department.

• Organize and conduct a departmental meeting for the Food & Beverage Service Department once in a month as well as organize and conduct co-ordination meeting between F&B Service and F&B Production departments.

• Supervise and follow all cost control measures of the department as well as the hotel as a whole by ensuring wastage control and misuse or over usage as well as control expenses in terms of heat, light, power, procurement, etc.

• The designated position of the Food & Beverage Manager shall be responsible for recommending changes in methods, systems, equipments under his purview, staff as per requirement as well as standard procedures to ensure customized quality services to the guests as per the requirement of the guest.

• Shall ensure proper intra and inter departmental co-ordination in the hotel pertaining to guest services so that the total activity contributes to ultimate satisfaction of the guest.

• Shall work in co-ordination with the Executive Chef & the Food & Beverage Production Department for development of new menus and changes in the menus.

• Shall improve employee productivity and food quality by selecting the most flexible facility design and the best layout and equipment.

• Shall monitor day to day operation of all the areas of F&B Service Department and shall observe the quality of service being rendered to the guests and the products being served to the guests.

• The Food & Beverage Manager shall ensure that proper training is imparted to the departmental employees in co-ordination with the Human Resources Manager/Training Manager. Shall also impart process related training to the departmental employees himself / herself. Apart from imparting process related training to the departmental employees, the F&B Manager is also responsible for imparting training to the employees of the F&B Production department as per requirement.

• Responsible for setting up high standards of work performance and attendance of all the employees of the department and by consistent supervision ensure maintenance of the standard to deliver quality service to the guests.

• Shall be involved in menu planning, price fixing of food products in co-ordination with both the F&B Production department as well as F&B Controllers.

• Shall plan, design and organize food promotions every month for all the F&B Outlets in co-ordination with the F&B Production department.

• Shall collect feed-back about the competitors and upgrade the standard at par.
• Shall co-ordinate with Sales & Marketing Manager to develop Sales structure for the F&B Service department.

• As the Chairperson of the Cost Control Committee of the Hotel, should conduct weekly meeting on cost control procedures and implement all such suggestions that are beneficial for the hotel operation.

• As Chairperson of the Cost Control Committee shall also monitor the effective cost control procedures being followed in the hotel.

• As a member of the Secondary Fire Fighting Team, the Food & Beverage Manager is responsible for ensuring safety of the guests in-house as well as guest belongings by assisting the Core Fire Fighting Team members in the process of rapid evacuation of the guests in the fire prone zones thereby preventing loss of human life or even injury and taking the guest counts after evacuation.

• Apart from the above mentioned, the Food & Beverage Manager shall oversee the operation of the entire F&B Production Department on a day to day basis in the absence of the Executive Chef.

• In addition to the above mentioned duties and responsibilities, Food & Beverage Manager is also responsible for any other assignment delegated to the designated position from time to time by the Hotel authority/ ies.

- He/she must have a Minimum of 10 years Experience in the same industry of food and beverage in 4 to 5 star property,
-Must have a certificate in any relevant course pertaining to food and beverage.
-Must have a good Customer-Service as he/she might have to interact with customers.
-Must have good management, organizational and problem solving skills.
-Must have a clean neat personal appearance.
-Must be Well versed with English language
-Local Knowledge highly Preferred

Applicants that have met the minimum requirements and feel that can fit with the duties and responsibilities are encouraged to apply before 20th of August.

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