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• Financial, operational, and marketing analysis to gain an accurate understanding of client business models.
• Industry research to help clients understand the business environment and current trends.
• Forensic business data analysis to diagnose issues that inhibit business growth.
• Functions to support the operations and development of the Company.

• Work on the front lines of business building, and see what’s involved in creating great companies.
• Develop analytic and communication skills sought by Venture Capital and Consulting firms.
• Work directly with entrepreneurial businesses ranging from small, medium and high-potential start-up in revenue.
• Have accountability over client relationship and engagement output.
• Apply the business theory you’re learning in class to real-world business situations.

We welcome individuals from many different backgrounds and experiences who bring:
• An eagerness to learn and willingness to dig into an analysis
• Highly developed written and oral communication skills
• Flexibility, creativity, and a comfort with ambiguity
• Willingness to share incomplete work in a group setting
• Desire to make a difference

NOTE: Remunerations will be on contract basis and innovativeness of the employee to seek more profitable projects.

Please send your applications to:

The Managing Director
The Twins Universal Business Co., Ltd
Bomani Area
Plot No. 241, Block ‘H’
P.O.Box 631
Geita, Tanzania
Email: (use the button)

Applications are due on Monday, October 30th, 2010 at 4:00p.

Signed and delivered by

Managing Director
The Twins Universal Business Co., Ltd

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